Every Stinking thing you need to know about Skunks

As communities continue to drive animals out of their natural habitats, it is not uncommon to hear of someone discovering a skunk stuck in the window well of their home. If it happens to you, it might be helpful to know in advance how to quickly address the problem.

Skunks Go Suburban

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It is not unlikely for a homeowner to have a skunk as a resident and not even know it. Skunks are nocturnal animals and like to keep to themselves. Seeing a skunk at all is somewhat of a rare encounter and if you happen across more than one, chances are it’s a mother and her kits.

As a rule, skunks want little to do with people. The suburban lifestyle, however, suits them well. A skunk does not see a street lined with homes as something to avoid instead what it sees is an endless food source and plenty of places to hunker down in for the day while the human world goes about its business.

Skunks find places where there are bugs to eat especially inviting. Homes surrounded by a large amount of vegetation or plants are a draw. A vegetable garden is paradise to a skunk. So, it comes as no surprise that these particular types of suburban settings are where you are most likely to need animal control to deal with a skunk encounter.

Window wells that surround basement windows are particularly inviting to skunks. Due to their incredibly poor eyesight, skunks only see a dark space to explore and are not aware of the window blocking their path until it is too late. Once in the window well, there is no escape.

Don’t Befriend Your Skunk

Every Stinking thing you need to know about Skunks

Chances are, if you have a skunk taking up residence at your home you will not see it. Instead, you will notice the signs it leaves behind. Skunks love grubs and will dig small circular holes in pursuit of a meal. If you have a vegetable garden it will be clear that you have an unwanted guest. (Of course, one caught in one of your basement window wells is a pretty telltale sign!) Don’t try to feed or encourage the skunk to stay. You may regret it.

If you discover you have a skunk on the premises, it’s best to leave it alone and contact someone experienced in animal removal. While skunks are not inherently dangerous (there were only 94 cases of animal rabies confirmed in all of Canada in 2014) if they become irritated, they will spray you or your pets. That’s something to avoid at all costs. Skunk spray is not dangerous but it stings the eyes, the smell is horrific, and the odor is extremely difficult to get rid of.

Don’t Help Them Escape

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You can play animal control yourself by constructing a ladder for the skunk to climb out of a window well. Then… what? You still have a skunk in your yard? Our team of professionals at Liddle Rascals will take care of your problem by installing custom made covers that sit on top of your window wells stopping the problem from ever happening again.. Give us a call at 416-356-5886 and we’ll be on our way!

If your cat or dog got sprayed by a skunk in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, contact Liddle Rascals Wildlife Control. We offer skunk removal services that are safe and humane for both the residents and the animals in question. Our services include a thorough home inspection and advice on repairs, remedies, and prevention.

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