Bat Removal and Control Canada

Bat Removal and Control Canada

Bat Removal and Control Canada

All property owners know that the unexpected can and will happen. From the first little squeak or fluttering sound arising from the attic, we here at Liddle Rascals are on call and on time to eliminate the problem. You’ve noticed the evidence of bats using your home as theirs, so let’s see how to change their minds and make them move along.

Bat Control

The most prevalent species of bat in our area is the little brown bat that contributes to insect control in a major way.

One bat can eat over 500 insects per hour, and a colony throughout the night eliminates many thousands of pests that damage crops. In addition to mosquito control, they also pollinate certain agricultural crops much in the same manner of bees. All in all, Liddle Rascals seeks to redirect bats away from your home into a more appropriate and safer environment for them. We place your comfort first.

We realize that bats love to find dark, warm and humid areas when seeking shelter throughout the summer and that is why they squeeze through the tiniest of spaces into a warm, closed area such as your attic. They seek shelter from weather, safety away from predation, and a protected spot in which to give birth and feed their young. The young bats rest quietly during the night when adults are out feeding and when the parents return to the nesting area, they nurse and rest along with the colony during the day. Our job is to spot all entry areas and seal them all but one area where we can install our one way bat door allowing the bats to leave but not return. Spring and fall are the best seasons to bat­proof your home.

Bat Removal

When bats conflict with humans, we get to work by caulking all holes as small as the thickness of a nickle or more and screening in larger gaps. Bats do not chew their way through caulking in the manner of rats. Since bats sense their surroundings by echo­location, they soon find that there is no entry and seek other places to rest. We do not use poisons, electronic repellent signals, or chemicals because our methods are safe and humane for both animals and people.

We at Liddle Rascals are proud of our expertise and any damage control, prevention, or exclusion work is backed with a full guarantee. If at any time you desire a follow­up inspection or correction, we are available immediately for ensure your satisfaction. We are fast and accurate in our assessment of the proper way to control your bat infestation. It is our goal along with yours to make your home livable, quiet, and comfortable.

Let’s keep bats safe by allowing us to work on your bat problem. In the field of bat removal and bat control, we can get rid of your bats quickly. Call Liddle Rascals at 416­-356­-5886​ or​.

We offer expert bat removal services in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, contact Liddle Rascals Wildlife Control. We also offer bird removal services that are safe and humane for both the residents and the animals in question. Our services include a thorough home inspection and advice on repairs, remedies, and prevention.

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