4 Things to Know about Nocturnal Animals Disrupting your Day

When you go to sleep at night, plenty of animals are just waking up. But sometimes, these critters are out during the day and if they’re in your yard you need to know what to do about them.

Here are 4 things to know about nocturnal animals that are out during the day, and when it may be time to call wildlife removal.

1. Daytime activity doesn’t always mean sickness

Many people may fear that seeing an animal, like a raccoon or opossum, out during the day means it is sick or rabid, but this isn’t necessarily true. Nocturnal animals may have several reasons for going out during the day, including searching for food. Pregnant animals may be especially common during the day, since they need more food to feed their babies.

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2. Signs of rabies

If you encounter a nocturnal animal during the day and it is behaving oddly, there’s a chance it may be rabid or injured. When bats and raccoons get sick with rabies, they tend to get tired just like ill humans do. So if you see one of these creatures during the day and it seems to be having trouble walking or flying, it may in fact be rabid. Increased aggression can also be a sign of rabies, along with the classic sign of a foaming mouth.

4 Things to Know about Nocturnal Animals Disrupting your Day

3. Stay clear

If a nocturnal animal is out during the day and showing signs of rabies, injury, or other sickness, do not attempt to inspect or assist it. There could be many reasons for its odd behavior, including playing possum, and with a wild animal you can never be sure it won’t attempt to attack or defend itself. This is the time to call wildlife removal and make sure the animal is taken care of properly.

4 Things to Know about Nocturnal Animals Disrupting your Day

4. Making themselves at home

Another reason you might see nocturnal animals out during the day is because they’ve taken a liking to your home or neighborhood and have moved in. This isn’t always a bad thing, but many animals can do damage to your home and property. Whether it’s just going through your garbage or building a nest in your attic, having these animals around increases the risk of coming into contact with them, especially when you’ve been seeing them during daylight hours. if you’re concerned about an animal becoming a pest near your home, it may be best to contact a professional and have them handle the rest.

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