Awesome Guy 10 Stars!

Absolutely incredible. Noticed the issue dealt with it and I paid him on the spot but he asked to be paid later when job is complete. Absolute legend.

Couple months later I hear something else in my attic running around at night, next day I call up buddy told him the story.. he comes back same day I called and found out that they chewed thru the front of my house .. fixed it free of charge.

Awesome guy 10 stars.

Thanks alot brother will keep in touch if anything else comes up. 👍👍

  • Amar Gill,
    December 16, 2020

Wish I Had Called Them First

Hands-down best wildlife control company I have ever dealt with. I really wish I had called them first, no one is more knowledgeable and helpful than Scott when it comes to wildlife control.

I kept hearing noises coming from the vent above my stove. I called one wildlife control company, who came out, did a 10-second “inspection” of my roof, told me there were no holes and that it must be mice. Told me to call an exterminator.

Called the exterminator, who was at first extremely hesitant to come to my home and, quite frankly, rude on the phone. He ended up coming out a few days later, but was scared to look into the cupboard above the stove where the vent connects to the attic (where the noise was coming from). Instead he went on the roof, found a hole, installed a one-way squirrel door, and proceeded to leave without checking the attic. When I asked him to check the attic, he told me “the attic won’t tell me anything, I’ve already inspected the roof” . Finally, after repeated requests, he poked his head up into the attic for less than a minute and said he will come back to throw down poison.

A few days later, I again heard the noises above my stove in the vent. I called the company who had installed the one-way door. They said they would send the same Technician out to have a look. I asked them to send someone else who would do a better job and was not afraid of animals. They laughed and said they would call me back. Never did.

In the meantime, I called Liddle Rascals. Scott was fully booked for the day, but told me he would do his best to squeeze me in, and he did. He came out to my house twice ON THE SAME DAY I called him. Inspected EVERYTHING, roof, attic, cupboard, vent, EVERYTHING. I tried to pay him, he said “pay me after the job is done” because he was going to come back in a few days and check on the one-way squirrel door he had set-up. He even took down the useless one-way squirrel door the other company put up and patched up the roof. Extremely knowledgeable, extremely reasonably priced as well. Really really wish I had called him first, but live and learn, better late than never.

  • S. R,
    December 8, 2020

Squirrel Problem

I had a squirrel problem in my attic. I called Liddle Rascals, and they had a technician come out the next day. Tony did a great job. He inspected my roof and found 2 problem areas which he sealed off and placed a one-way trap door to get them out. A few days later he came back to replace the trap door with a screen. He was very professional and honest, highly recommended. I hadn’t heard any squirrels inside my attic since. The price was reasonable and the warranty is great. No complaints and very satisfied. Thanks!

  • Sin Tharan,
    November 30, 2020

Sameday Service

These guys are fantastic! I called them to inquire about a squirrel problem in the attic. Tony was at our house the same day. He thoroughly inspected the house to determine where they were gaining entry, provided a solution, and was able to complete the work while he was there! So friendly and professional, I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I would recommend them to anyone looking to eliminate a rodent problem.

  • R Mailman,
    September 21, 2020

Humane Removal of Wildlife

Our experience with Liddle Rascals was fantastic. An animal had dug a large hole at the back of our shed; we literally had a pile of gravel beside the hole. My conversation with Scott (who has a great sense of humour) was immediately reassuring. He came out to have a look and provided a free estimate. Both Scott and Tony were professional and polite. The work was done quickly and efficiently and the cost was fair. Liddle Rascals even provides a 3 year warranty of their work.

And a bonus – Scott fixed our gate on his way out – something that has been on our “to do” list for years now!

  • Yasmin,
    December 17, 2014

Squirrel Removal from Attic

I start hearing squirrels running on the top floor ceiling. I called Scott and he came right away. He put a temporary “cage” with one way door on top of the roof vent to let the squirrels out and prevent them from coming back. He came back in couple of days and put the permanent protection. He also took photos for “before” and “after” so I had perfect understanding of the issue and the solution. I am happy with the prompt response and solution that works. If you have such problem, just call Scott. It will be solved right away.

  • Ella,
    September 16, 2014

Raccoon Problem

Scott is probably the fastest and best service person I have dealt with in recent time. I sighted a raccoon trying to get into my basement through the window at night and almost ran out of the house! It was my first encounter with any animal here so I called Scott as soon as I found his profile on Homestars, this was in January 2014. Scott showed up the following morning, and surveyed the entire perimeter of the deck. He found the entrance where the raccoon got in (chewed through the base of the deck) but we could not do anything about it due to the ice from the ice-storm. All the same, he set a trap and provided a means for the raccoon to get out. Scott followed up via phone calls and returned after the ice thawed, he provided wire support at the base of the deck to keep all animals out and we confirmed the raccoon left the base of the deck before closing it up. Scott knows his job, very professional but friendly; his price was fair and compared well with others that I checked. I hope I don’t have raccoon issues again otherwise he remains my go to guy.

  • Wale,
    August 17, 2014

Skunk Removal

Contacted Scott on a Sunday and he came the next day. Felt comfortable enough to give him the business over the phone as we talked through the problem. Quote was very reasonable. Great communication. Came back a couple times to make sure everything was OK. Thanks!

  • Mike,
    August 7, 2014

Wildlife Removal

Scott came the same day and arrived when promised. He quickly assessed what was required and offered a more than reasonable quote. He finished the work within an hour and did a great job. Scott was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend Liddle Rascals to anyone who needs to have any unwanted critters removed from their home.

  • Greg,
    April 11, 2014

Squirrel in Living Room

I came home to find a large squirrel in my living room. I gave Scott a call, and he came out within 20 minutes. Thanks to Scott the squirrel is now roaming free in the streets and not in my living room. Scott was very professional and provides a lot of great information on animal proofing. I will definitely call Scott again.

  • Aaron,
    March 25, 2014