What causes wild animals to move into urban environments? Environmental degradation is a big culprit, but it’s only part of the reason why so many animals are now calling the city home.


Here are some of the main reasons why wild animals are being driven into urban areas and homes:


 What Drives Wildlife into Urban Areas and Homes


Readily available food

Any kind of food left outdoors is fair game for wildlife. People in urban areas often forget about the food that’s available to animals: pet food left on the patio or open garbage bins with leftover food are irresistible to skunks, raccoons, and possums. If these animals find a steady source for food, they will return in greater numbers. If you directly feed wildlife in your yard, they may become dependent upon you and lose their natural instinct to look for other food sources, putting them in danger. This is part of what creates larger pest problems in urban areas.


 What Drives Wildlife into Urban Areas and Homes


Conservation efforts

Greener urban areas are more attractive to wildlife because there is greater access to leftover food, accessible sources of water, and dry spaces to nest. Animals such as raccoons and possums will often find adequate shelter anywhere they can conceal themselves from the daily activities of humans, including hidden areas inside the home. Urban green spaces also offer safe areas to breed that are free from the typical predators they would find in the wild.


 What Drives Wildlife into Urban Areas and Homes



Human settlements are quickly spreading into the areas wild animals would usually populate. As population increases, more and more space is needed, expanding construction of buildings and roads that encroach upon wildlife habitats. This creates a situation where both humans and animals sharing and competing for natural resources.

If you suspect that you have raccoons, bats, rats, or mice living on (or under) your premises, call a wildlife removal company for assistance.

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