Keeping your home animal-free prevents damage to the house’s structure, and prevents the transmission of animal-borne diseases. Most states and provinces have laws requiring humane methods of removal. Use these tips to keep animals out of your attic without causing them harm.


  • Plug holes

Mice, rats, squirrels, bats, birds, and raccoons can use holes as entry points into an attic. Larger animals can even chew through weak points in the roof to get inside. Inspect your home’s exterior to locate any holes, then patch them.


 Humane Tips to Keep Animals out of Your Attic


  • Don’t leave wildlife indoors 

Before sealing any holes, check that there are no animals already residing in the attic or walls. Any trapped wildlife is likely to damage your insulation and wiring in an effort to escape. Plug suspected entry points with paper to see if any animals are using those passageways.


  • Install a chimney cap

Chimneys and vents are prime nesting grounds. Install chimney caps and vent covers to keep them from entering your attic or blocking your flue. These covers should be made of sturdy materials (e.g. metal and wire) to keep animals from chewing through them.


 Humane Tips to Keep Animals out of Your Attic


  • Clean your yard

Rodents may use clutter in your yard as hiding places, and as winter homes. Clean up any wood piles, dead shrubbery, and leaves to make your yard less enticing.


  • Remove external food sources

Raccoons are especially attracted to anything that smells like food. Keep garbage bins tightly closed (use a bungee cord or raccoon strap) to keep animals out, and dispose of organic waste properly to keep the smell from attracting wildlife. If you have fruit trees on your property, pick fruit as early as possible before animals are drawn to the area.


 Humane Tips to Keep Animals out of Your Attic


  • Trim overhanging branches

Branches hanging over your roof can can make the attic more accessible. Trim and prune trees deny pests easy entry. Squirrels can also jump from branches, so trim trees to leave three metres between branches and the house.


  • Build nesting boxes

One option for keeping animals away is providing them alternate nesting areas. Build nesting boxes for squirrels if you live in a wooded area. Bat houses can also be purchased, and provide the added benefit of mosquito prevention in summertime (bats love to eat them).


 Humane Tips to Keep Animals out of Your Attic


Keeping animals out of the attic isn’t impossible. If you take precautions, you can head off pest problems before they occur.

For animal removal, contact Liddle Rascals Wildlife Control at (416) 356-5886. We provide humane solutions and can efficiently and safely take the wildlife to the outdoor habitats where they belong.

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