Home Safety Tips That Keep Racoons At Bay

There are a lot of times you may see a raccoon in your area. There are several ways to keep yourself safe. By keeping yourself safe, you will also be able to keep the animals we live around safe as well.

What to do If You See a Raccoon

If a raccoon comes towards you, make yourself seem larger. You can do this by waving your arms and standing as tall as you can. You want to scare the raccoon away in order to keep yourself safe as well as the animal. You don’t want to go near an animal like this on your own. You will want to call your local wildlife officer. They can remove the animal and find a safe place for it to live.

Home Safety Tips That Keep Racoons At Bay

If a raccoon gets into your home, you will not want to corner it. This will cause it to defend itself and could hurt you. You should leave the room and let the animal find its way out on its own. If it doesn’t, then you can call the wildlife department and they will come to remove the animal itself.

Children should know if there are raccoons in the area that they should watch for them. This will prevent them from having an issue later where the animal hurts them. They should know what to do if a raccoon approaches them and how to handle it like any other person. They should stay away and try to find an adult that can handle the animal and stay safe.

How to Keep Raccoons Away

Home Safety Tips That Keep Racoons At Bay

There are ways to keep raccoons from even getting this close in the first place. The biggest one is not to feed them. This way they won’t come expecting food from humans. If you have trash or dog food outside, then you will want to bring it in so the raccoon will not be drawn to the area.

Another thing that will keep a raccoon away from your home is to keep your yard clean. This will keep the animals from coming into your yard. This also means keeping your animals inside so that raccoons can’t hurt them. Pets can be out during the day, but at night they need to come in for their own safety.

You should also trim your branches back from your roof so that raccoons and other animals can’t get on to your roof or other areas they like to hide. Areas like these can turn into nesting or breeding grounds, and this makes it very difficult to remove the animal. You should prevent this before it starts in order to protect yourself from the possibility of an infestation.

Keeping your pet doors secure at night is a great way to keep a raccoon from getting your home. This way you won’t have to worry about it getting into the house and causing trouble. The raccoon can enter through these pet doors if they smell food or if they think there might be something in the home that will be good to eat.

You will want to keep your compost secure as well. This is one of those things that can draw animals like a raccoon to your home. If the compost pile is secured properly it will be safe and a raccoon will probably not bother you, or come near your home. If you have a compost pile you should bury your scraps as deeply as possible so the animals don’t smell them. This way you won’t have to worry about the raccoon getting into your compost pile. If they smell the scraps, they will probably go through the entire compost pile, and not just into the new scraps.

Clean up after your barbecues so the raccoon doesn’t smell the food items you have already cooked. If they do, it will cause them to come closer to your home to see what is happening at the home. They also may go through the garbage or other places to find something to eat.

Raccoon Removal Markham

There are a lot of ways to keep a raccoon out of the home and off your property. This way you won’t have to deal with the problems a raccoon can cause. You don’t want to bring a raccoon into your home and then have to get rid of it. You may also want to think about what you can do to keep your home safe. You don’t want to have something like this in your area. If you are camping or out in the wilderness, you can also use these tips to keep yourself and your family safe. This way you won’t have to deal with the problems a raccoon can cause. They can make you sick and no one wants to deal with that.

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