Repellent & Traps:

Effective Tips on How to Keep Squirrels Out of your Garden

Repellents are an easy way of deterring a squirrel from coming into contact with your garden. These organic repellants come in powdered and liquid form, and produce a very pungent odor that steers squirrels away. In fact, any kind of horrible smell puts a squirrel on edge, thus making repellants a highly potent means of kicking them off your property and away from your garden with ease. You just have to know the safety guidelines when handling squirrel repellent. Always wear gloves and protective eye gear, since the repellent can cause severe irritation. The other kind of impermeable substance that could possibly work is urine concentrate from foxes and coyotes. When a squirrel gets a whiff of their predator’s markings, that’ll sure enough send them running to the hills, just don’t get it on you.

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Then there’s of course your basic traps you can always set if you want to go old school. They’re inexpensive, and they provide a more humane approach that allows you to relocate the squirrel somewhere else but make sure you are following the laws of relocation.. The only thing to look out for is the slight possibility of attracting other pests like skunks in those traps, which is never any fun when your main focus is just squirrels.

Diversion Methods:


So while there is the more conventional means of ridding away a nuisance like a squirrels, you can go the alternative route and provide little distractions for squirrels that are lot safer for them. Let’s face it, squirrels are truly awesome creatures who do a lot for the environment; it’s only in their nature to do the things that they do, so it’s better to be understanding of them and their pesky behavior. To humanely divert squirrels, you can use other tactics like scaring them away; things like alarms and air horns are perfect.

24 Squirrel Families Are Native Canadians Who Don't Migrate South for Winters

All in all, there’s plenty that can be done about these little furry scamps when they’re creating problems for you and your garden. And of course, if these little tips don’t help, then you can always contact us at Liddle Rascals pest control. We offer our professional services around the clock.

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