Most people enjoy gazing at wildlife from their cottage window or watching the bird feeder in their garden. However, when animals invade a home or take residence in a garage, it is a huge problem. If you’re considering selling your home, it’s time to get the infestation under control immediately, before major damage occurs and you lose on resale value.

Winter Is Raccoon Season For Many Homeowners

Raccoons, birds, squirrels, opossums, and bats can cause significant damage to a home and property. Once they’ve entered a home’s structure, they are a threat to walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing, and/or wiring. If your home has been damaged by wildlife, any potential buyer will likely insist you pay for the repairs and renovation (and, of course, have the animals professionally removed) before they finalize the deal.

Potential buyers will likely walk away from a purchase or offer the homeowner a dramatically lower purchase price. Most buyers prefer the appeal of a turn-key property, or something close to it.

Animals Damage in Homes

Is a Squirrel Stuck in Your Fireplace? Don't Panic!

  • Squirrels have often been discovered burrowed in walls or attics; they can cause significant damage to electrical systems, wood, and personal property.
  • Birds nesting in an attic might not be as troublesome as squirrels, they can make quite a mess. Their fecal matter is difficult to clean and create mould and allergic reactions.
  • Raccoons, opossums and skunks are larger rodents who should never be allowed to nest in a home or garage. They will damage the structure, personal property, and make a home unsellable.
  • Bats will usually infest attics and their damage to the home and reputation as a disease carrier are both a turnoff to potential homebuyers.

Personal Health Concerns

Skunk Spray Does More Than Smell, It Can Hurt Your Dog

Wild animals can carry rabies and you definitely want to avoid being bitten by one. Rabies is more commonly found in skunks, opossums, bats, and raccoons and is a threat to the health of humans and pets. Salmonella and other diseases can be a concern.

Getting rid of any wild animals in your home by having them humanely removed is a strong choice for both homeowners and animals. If you need help with nuisance animals in your home.

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