Before Buying a New Home, Check for Inner Infestation

Buying a new home can be an exciting but exhausting project: Possible roof leaks, left-behind knob-and-tube wiring, the age of the plumbing pipes – these all can be reasons for concern. Most people (and, perhaps, some home inspectors) might not think to add potential pest infestation to that list. Wildlife or insects in the walls can cause lasting damage to a structure.

Signs of Pest Infestation

Signs Left Behind

Before Buying a New Home, Check for Inner Infestation

Pests, bugs, and rodents leave signs behind that a keen homeowner can easily identify:

  1. Rat or cockroach droppings along the backs of countertops, near electrical outlets, under sinks, and in the pantry. Mouse droppings usually resemble black pellets while roach fecal matter looks like small piles of coffee grounds.
  2. Empty, brown egg sacks in empty drawers, along baseboards, and in corners are another sign of cockroaches.
  3. Dirt or grease marks on walls and baseboards indicate the possible presence of rodents.
  4. Rust or blood stains on beddings might reflect a bedbug infestation.

Pest Habitats

Humane Hints to Manage Mice

Mice, ants, and other pests like to nest in homes. If you find small pieces of shredded newspaper and/or fabric in dark places (or small holes in baseboards), rodents may occupy your future abode. They use holes to access nests and feeding areas. Search for piles of dirt along the exterior perimeter of the home to root out ant infestation. If left uncontrolled, these small insects can find their way into the house.

Strange Odours

Before Buying a New Home, Check for Inner Infestation

Ammonia-like smells can originate from rodents’ urine. A sweet and slightly nauseating smell can arise from bedbugs. Roaches in large numbers might generate an oily, murky smell in the home.

It’s possible to miss signs of infestation in a house; get a professional home inspection, and if you still want to make the sale despite an insect or wildlife problem, call Liddle Rascals.

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