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Many people see pigeons as a harmless yet annoying pest. But did you know that they can carry a number of diseases and pass them on to humans? For this reason, businesses and homeowners sometimes seek professional bird control services.

Diseases called “zoonoses” spread to humans, mostly through a pigeon’s fecal matter. When a pigeon defecates, the droppings become dry and eventually infiltrate the surrounding air. Sadly, the now-airborne disease can be inhaled by anyone. Here are three diseases these birds can potentially spread:

E. Coli

Three Diseases Pigeons Can Spread to Humans

E. Coli is often encountered through restaurant or local supermarket contamination. Not only can E. coli be contracted through meat that isn’t fully cooked, it’s sometimes in pigeon droppings. Anytime you visit an area with a lot of pigeons, thoroughly wash your hands afterward. Pigeons transmit this deadly disease very effectively and you won’t know it’s been transferred until it’s too late.

Cryptococcal Meningitis

Three Diseases Pigeons Can Spread to Humans

Pigeons are also meningitis-infecting culprits. Some people have been reported to catch this disease through fecal particles in the air. The illness leads to awful migraines, blindness, and possibly coma.

West Nile Virus

Three Diseases Pigeons Can Spread to Humans

Most people blame mosquitoes for West Nile virus, but pigeons and other birds are a cause for its spread. Infected pigeons are bitten by mosquitoes who then land on humans and bite them. As the mosquito is drinking blood, the disease is transferred from the mosquito to the bloodstream. The West Nile virus is notorious for causing damage to the human nervous system, as well as death.

This information might be troubling, especially if you live in the city. However, you can lower your risk. Wash your hands frequently. Avoid pigeon-rich environments.

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