It does not matter the time of year, wildlife can take refuge in your attic, basement, or behind the walls. Wildlife invade houses seeking food or a nesting place. To protect your home and your family from nuisance, mess, and potential illness, take a look at these signs that wildlife invaders are in your home:


Six Signs of Wildlife in Your Home


1. Weird Nightly Noises – Scratching or scurrying sounds during the night is a strong sign animals have taken residence in your attic. Most raccoons and squirrels will move when nearby humans are inactive.

2. Signs of Nests or Chirping Noises – Birds build nests in high areas, like fan vents and chimneys. These vents need sealing to prevent our avian friends from entering and making these areas their home. If birds are not building nests in vents or chimneys, they can enter the attic, crawl spaces or walls. If you hear chirping on the inside, it’s time to call for wildlife control.


Six Signs of Wildlife in Your Home


3. Droppings – Droppings in your backyard (or home) that aren’t from a family pet are a telltale sign of a strange animal on your property. Do not ignore this development (or try to clean it yourself), because animal droppings can potentially put your health at risk.

4. Unpleasant Smell – Skunks can emanate a horrible smell throughout a property. If you see several shallow (and perfectly round holes) in your garden or front yard, you may have nearby skunks searching for grubs and insects to eat.


Six Signs of Wildlife in Your Home


5. Large Messes – If you find garbage strewn outside in the morning, it’s a likely sign of a raccoon problem. They have human-like hands that tip over garbage receptacles and organics bins in search of food scraps. Though the City of Toronto recently introduced “raccoon-proof green bins,” their efficacy has yet to be proven.

6. Property Damage – Some wildlife have sharp teeth that can damage parts of your house, including plumbing. Skunks, raccoons, and squirrels can also chew wood, make holes in walls, and gnaw electrical cables.


Six Signs of Wildlife in Your Home


If you suspect any wildlife inhabits your property, immediately call a wildlife removal company for assistance. Control the damage and protect the health of your family. Call Liddle Rascals Wildlife Control at (416) 356-5886. Our team of professionals can provide long-term solutions for wildlife problems.

Our team of professionals can provide long-term solutions for wildlife problems. We offer expert wildlife removal services that are safe and humane for both the residents and the animals in question. Our services include a thorough home inspection and advice on repairs, remedies, and prevention.

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