Most wildlife that infiltrate your home may go about silently, making it hard for you to locate, catch, and/or get rid of them. However, once they’re in they can negatively affect the structure of your house and the health of its inhabitants.

How Some Pests Affect Home Life

Wildlife found around the home


When threatened, skunks instinctively spray a predator with a strong odour that is hard to remove. The smell is strong and can cause a burning sensation in the eyes. In some cases, it can cause partial blindness. To prevent skunks from entering your property, put up fences. These creatures are not very good at climbing.


Raccoons are attracted to garbage bins and scavenge for food, leaving a mess in the process. They are sometimes carriers of diseases like rabies that can be transmitted with a mere scratch or bite. Calling a wildlife professional as soon as racoons are in your home (or living in your shed or under your porch) is crucial, as raccoons can can reproduce quickly and damage property.


Squirrels have an interesting way of entering a home; once they’ve detected a small hole, they gnaw on it until it is large enough for them to fit through and then they enter. They are known to nest inside homes and are responsible for creating sounds between walls and ceilings. These animals can chew on anything, including power cables, and can cause electrical damage.

How Some Pests Affect Home Life2

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