How to Purge Possums from Your Property

Trouble with Opossums?

Opossums, or possums, are a frequent source of frustration to homeowners and are particularly common in various regions of Canada. These omnivores are dedicated scavengers and go just about anywhere to eat just about anything in their constant hunt for that next big meal. If you are having problems getting possums out of your space, contact a company that offers animal removal services.

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Basic Facts

Typically, possums are not terribly dangerous to humans; their first defense is often to play dead. They may also attempt aggressive posturing (such as drooling and hissing) but are unlikely to attack unless pressed. However, they are still wild animals and should be given a wide berth. This becomes difficult when the animals are foraging in your backyard. They are adept at both climbing and burrowing and can get just about anywhere. Typical barriers like fences don’t do much to deter them and, for many homeowners, the sight of a possum happily trotting along the top of a fence is quite familiar.

How to Purge Possums from Your Property

Stuck Possum

Their strong sense of smell and indiscriminate taste means possums are particularly drawn to garbage cans. They’ll often boldly enter human spaces at night to scavenge for leftovers. While their presence often causes quite a mess, the biggest problems occur when the animals get trapped. They can end up stuck in trees, garbage cans, and on top of or inside fences.

As mentioned before, possums are excellent climbers. If you find one stuck somewhere high, chances are it’s more frightened than it is trapped. The animal may have climbed up to avoid dogs or large predators. Leave the possum alone, keep pets away, and chances are it will come down on its own when it feels safe enough.

Sometimes possums will get trapped in garbage cans. They are lured by the prospect of a free meal and then discover the interior of the can offers no place to climb out. To reclaim your trash can safely, simply use a broomstick or any long handled object and gently tip the can on its side, away from you. Once again, if the possum doesn’t leave immediately it is probably frightened. Just let it be and it will find a way home.

When to call Animal Control

Liddle Rascals | Wildlife Removal TorontoThere are more frustrating situations that can arise, however. If you own a chain link fence it is possible for a possum to get stuck between the links while trying to climb or crawl through. Finding itself unable to escape, the animal might panic. If a possum seems unable to free itself it is better to contact an animal control service rather than trying to help it yourself. Possums often play dead when they feel threatened, but may lash out if you try to touch them. Professionals are trained to handle injured or aggressive animals both safely and humanely.

If you have a possum problem in Ontario, call Liddle Rascals at 416.356.5886. In addition to animal removal services we offer consultations and can help make your backyard possum-proof today.

Are possums living in your backyard or alleyways in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, contact Liddle Rascals Wildlife Control. We offer possum removal services that are safe and humane for both the residents and the animals in question. Our services include a thorough home inspection and advice on repairs, remedies, and prevention.

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