Birds play a vital role in ecological balance and sustainability. They eat insect pests, provide food for other predators, and aid plant reproduction as pollinators or seed dispersers. However, some birds can be a nuisance in urban environments, and pest birds can cause inconveniences in your day-to-day life.

Kinds of birds that are considered pests:



These pest birds are the most common and hazardous. Aside from the nuisance of large flocks in public spaces, pigeon droppings transmit disease, cause structural damage, and slips and falls. They also carry insect pests such as lice, ticks, and fleas. Pigeons prefer grains, but will eat all types of food, gathering in outdoor spaces in search of larger food quantities.


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Starlings can be identified by their dark coloured feathers and faint speckles. Aside from their intense vocalization and fecal accumulation, starlings are considered are highly aggressive in nature.  They are called “bully” birds because of their tendency to evict other birds from their nests before taking them over. This behaviour is believed to have contributed to the decline of several more desirable bird species in North America. Like pigeons, the Starling’s droppings deface and deteriorate structures, contaminate water, and carry infectious disease.



Sparrows are known for their aggressive nesting habits, and their nests clog chimneys, rooftops, drainage pipes, gutters, and downspouts. They destroy the nests and eggs of native birds, kill nestlings, and take over occupied nest sites. Their droppings contain uric acid, which eats away at building paint, statues, and railings. They are also associated with the transmission of more than 25 communicable diseases, including internal and external parasites.

Canada geese



Geese are regarded as pests because they overgraze in fields and lawns, affect vegetation, and increase soil erosion. As migratory birds, they also pose serious health risks, carrying disease-causing viruses such as salmonella, cholera, and avian influenza. Geese also have the potential to cause serious aircraft accidents by colliding with planes, an issue that occurs more frequently during their migratory months. Like other bird pests, their feces destroy structures and contaminate bodies of water.

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