Top Facts on Wild Raccoons

Wild Raccoon Facts

Raccoons are bright and inquisitive. Do not approach a wild animal even if it is a baby. That is a basic safety tip for any individual. Be safe keep animals at a distance. They do not mean to be a nuisance but often are. The animals are nocturnal and have a tendency to go after any food that is available. Raccoons are not out to cause trouble they are just trying to survive. A vegetable garden to them looks like free food. Any unattended area out of the elements means a home. Follow simple steps to avoid taking on a furry roommate.


Raccoons originally chose dense wooded places with ready access to shelter water and food. They tended to create dens in abandoned dens or hollow trees. Raccoons are resourceful and flexible. They have started veering towards urban centers. In the city the absence of predators and abundance of food as well as accommodations has led to a major increase in furry guests such as raccoons. Before things get out of hand research the animals and their habits just by applying this information you may be able to prevent conflict.

Diet & Behavior

These animals are opportunistic omnivores. They will eat a bit of whatever is available. This in populated areas can mean the closest trashcan or a garden. Raccoons also have a bit of a sweet tooth. Raccoons are typically active at night. Though they are not as active in the winter some may still see them. Raccoons also begin the mating cycle in winter, giving birth in the spring.

Top Facts on Wild Raccoons

What to do if you have a problem

Who to contact

The Humane Societies would be number one they will have suggestions to help solve wildlife conflicts so contacting the humane society or an animal rehabilitation center can help. The SPCA or humane society should give ideas on a humane raccoon removal company. Be sure of a company’s policies and that their methods are acceptable. Look for experience as well as local wildlife knowledge. Ask for a written agreement on removal methods and a guarantee. Only pay when the issue has been taken care of. The best companies may also offer repair or maintenance services or provide recommendations for these services.

Further information

Raccoons are wild animals and will attack if they feel threatened. There are specific rules and guidelines to humane raccoon removal, it is best to contact the professionals. Liddle Rascals is a humane wildlife removal company that provides excellent service. The number is 416.356.5886. We will provide an estimate over the phone and onsite.

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