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It is well known that millions upon millions of insects and small rodents crawl their way into buildings and then pass on all the time. However, occasionally, this also happens to bats, squirrels, raccoons and other larger wildlife. When an animal passes on, in order to keep nature preserved and fertilized, the animal’s body goes through a decomposition process. This process produces an odor that is harmful not only the building but also to your health. It also attracts flies and other insects involved in the decomposition process and in some cases, also produces stains on the ceiling or wall. Also, the carcass will finish the decomposition process more quickly in warmer temperatures.

Dead Animal Removal

But not worry, dead animal removal is more than possible. Some cases are easier than others. The job is always a very dirty one and the area may also require additional cleaning and deodorization. Sometimes animals can crawl and hide in the most narrow areas, which can make their removal quite difficult. But not worry, humane animal removal is possible in all situations. It is simply a matter of finding the right non­toxic tools to adapt to the particular place and situation.

Liddle Rascals | Wildlife Removal PickeringAmong the most common places to find a dead animal include the attic, under the foundation of the building, chimney and ducts. Like us, many animals can feel hot, cold and wet and as a result, they don’t want to pass on in a jagged condition any more than you do. As a result, the insulation in your attic or the warm crevice in your wall is much more appealing to them than the harsh climate outdoors.

Also, animals will sometimes come in to your home seeking decent housing or just to hide from the harsh climates and in some cases, even predators. Unfortunately, they can’t judge the hole of a space from the outside or override instinct in the way that humans can. As a result, they often become trapped and unable to get out of a tiny space in the wall. Unless you let them out while they’re still alive and scratching on the surface, it’s almost a guarantee that they will pass on due to starvation and/or other medical conditions that they may have already had.

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