Animals that will invade your home in the spring

Remove Temptation

Home Safety Tips That Keep Racoons At Bay

No matter if your home is located in a rural area or metropolis, you know small wild animals can pose quite a problem. Since most of them are scavengers, the first line of defense is your trash cans. You may think your trash is secure in a tied off bag at the bottom of a lidded metal can, but think again.

The plastic of trash bags is porous, allowing food odours to seep. Metal style trash can lids, no matter how tight, also let smells waft across the yard and beyond. The big plastic dumpster style cans are also vulnerable. Keeping your trash in a secure area like the garage or a shed can keep critters out. Attaching a bungee cord or lock can also keep scavengers at bay. If your trash does get strewn about, clean it up immediately. Any debris left behind will draw more animal attention. This applies to cookouts, too. Remove any food left behind from dining “al fresco.”

Blocking Entryways

Winter Is Raccoon Season For Many Homeowners

When an animal is looking for shelter, your home becomes the object of their attention. Using chimney caps and securing ventilation holes can prevent their entry. Once they find an opening, these little pests will find a way into the attic or basement and set up house. At this point, it’s more than just an inconvenience; your family’s health can be impacted and the building can suffer serious damage. Animals will chew on anything — beams, flooring, and wiring — in an effort to shred up enough material for a nest. Possessions can be lost, electrical fires become a danger, and the support beams of the roof can be weakened, just in time for the next snowstorm.

These animals carry diseases as well. Their mess and dander can seriously affect anyone with respiratory issues. They are not respectful of boundaries, and might find their way into the main areas of your home. You do not want to risk an encounter in your living space.

Keep Your Home Safe from Wildlife Invaders

If you have wildlife infestation, you need experts who are educated and experienced in this area. Liddle Rascals Wildlife Control has 14 years’ experience in humanely removing animals using live traps and release programs. We will inspect your home and identify the areas where critters are getting in, and help you secure your property against further invasions. We are fully insured; we offer a full guarantee and services at competitive prices.

Has your home or property been invaded by wildlife? We are no superheroes, but we know what we are doing. Liddle Rascals Wildlife Control Inc., can remove unwanted animals or wildlife from residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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