End Your Suffering from A Squirrel InvasionThere is no denying that squirrels are cute. We quickly learn as children how fascinating it is to watch them scurry about, collect nuts and bury them. They reward us with a friendly stare and a wave of a fluffy tail. As adults we learn quickly how much damage they can do to a home. They have even been known to nest in the engines of cars and cause hundreds of dollars in wiring damage without a thought.

What is that Noise?

Have you heard strange rustling sounds in the attic? Is your garden slowly getting decimated by mysterious pests? You could very well be suffering from a squirrel invasion. You do not even need to have trees in your yard to have these furry visitors on a regular basis. There are some things you could try to reduce the nuisance, but you may ultimately have to rely on dependable squirrel removal services.

Knowledge is Power

The first thing on the agenda is to make sure that the problems are truly squirrel related. Safely watching your backyard from a distance during the early morning hours will result in visual proof that they are using your space to store their food or eat what is in your garden. Knowing whether they have invaded the attic will require a little investigative skills. Attics are nice warm places that are usually dry and can protect the squirrels from predators. This is the perfect environment to raise a family. Use a flashlight and see if you can locate a nesting site. Be careful, as there may be babies present and you do not want to bitten by a protective mother squirrel.

How to Minimize Damages

Do not close off any access points until you are certain that the squirrels have been humanely removed by a squirrel removal service. You will then need to close off the points of entry and exit with metal sheet materials. Check and repair any wiring or insulation that may have been chewed in the process of nest building. There is always a chance that electrical shorts can happen and it might pose a fire hazard.

Gardens can be somewhat protected by either planting items that squirrels really do not like to eat, or sprinkle some chili powder around the plants you want to protect. Try finding a squirrel removal services that can help you with your problems and can do this without using poisons or other methods that kill the squirrels. You can feel good about reclaiming your space without costing the animal dearly.

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