Raccoon removal

Raccoon Removal in Markham, North York & Pickering

Raccoon Removal in Markham, North York

Raccoons are a common wildlife problem for the average household. They are found rummaging through trash cans, burrowing and making homes in our walls. Raccoons may look friendly but they can be dangerous, especially to children and pets. They are also known to lash out and attack if they feel threatened.

Why Raccoons become a problem
Raccoons are attracted to the food we throw out. Even those who take care in containing their waste may find these crafty animals have managed to find their way into bins for dinner. To a raccoon, human homes are the ideal habitats. They are drawn to our houses and burrow into our dry walls and attics for warmth. Raccoons are known for tearing holes in rooftops, crawling down chimneys and even breaking into vent ducts in order to gain access and nest in our homes, leaving behind damage and sometimes droppings.

Raccoons are a big problem for those who tend a vegetable garden or who maintain a small farm. Raccoons are notorious for eating everything that they can find and it becomes a bigger problem if they have decided to move in as well. They may den in a nearby tree or gutter. Any nook or cranny near food may become a nesting home for the raccoon nuisance. It can be extremely difficult for the layman to know where the animals are coming from and how to stop them. For professional raccoon removal services in Markham, North York and Pickering, call Liddle Rascals.

Dangers of Raccoons:

Attempting to remove a raccoon from its nest by yourself can be dangerous. Raccoons are known to bite and scratch and their claws can easily break the skin. A raccoon family that has taken up residence in your home may be protecting its young and will fight for territory.

If you have pets, raccoons are not only a danger because they may bite or scratch, but because they bring diseases such as the Canine Distemper Virus. This virus is highly contagious and can be contracted through inhalation. The Distemper Virus is known to be fatal to pets, both cats and dogs. Raccoons also bring fleas and other parasites which may in turn affect the health and well being of your pet.

Raccoons may also carry diseases that affect adults and children. Raccoons sometime carry rabies and other diseases. They also carry parasites such as Roundworm which can be found in their droppings. These parasites are especially threatening to humans because they are highly infectious and can become airborne, making the very air in your home dangerous to breathe.

What should I do?

Having a family of raccoons in your house can be considered a wildlife emergency. Liddle Rascals is both the most effective and humane choice for raccoon removal in Markham, North York and Pickering. While there are many sites online that offer information for getting rid of a raccoon nuisance on your own, it is not advised. At Liddle Rascals we have the tools, education and experience necessary for removing these animals from your home safely. We will also help to prevent any recurrence of infestation. Call Liddle Rascals for wildlife control toll free 24 hours a day at +1 416-356-5886