When you have unwelcome guests inhabiting your chimney, attic, walls or yard, your immediate impulse may be to get rid of them. Although some of these animals may look cute and furry, they are not meant to have human interaction. If not removed, some wildlife can potentially damage your property and put your family at risk.

Unfortunately, many homeowners resort to do-it-yourself wildlife removal and underestimate the difficulty (and danger) involved in the process. The best scenario is they make mistakes, rendering their efforts useless. The worst scenario is they end up in hospital dealing with an injury or shots for rabies. Here are several reasons to never remove wildlife without professional assistance:


Why DIY Wildlife Removal is a Bad Idea

5 Reasons to Never Remove Animals and Wildlife Yourself

1. Some Wildlife Is Aggressive

Wildlife, like raccoons and possums, may be aggressive, especially when cornered or with their babies nearby. Most often these animals scavenge garbage bins in search of food, but they sometimes get crafty and might enter your kitchen. If threatened in your backyard, they can attack children or pets. Trapping or chasing them is dangerous business.

2. Possible Rabies – Skunks, raccoons, and bats may carry rabies. This makes DIY removal inadvisable, especially if you do not have proper gear to protect yourself. When bitten by these animals, you can contract this disease, which is extremely painful and potentially fatal. Invest in your health by hiring a professional wildlife removal.


Why DIY Wildlife Removal is a Bad Idea


3. Time-Consuming – Without proper training, removing wildlife from your property can take a lot of time. There is a significant chance they’ll return very soon to invade your property.

4. Open Entry Points – Many homeowners wait for raccoons to leave the house so that they can seal up the entry point. However, this technique does not necessarily eradicate the problem, especially when there is offspring left behind. Locking out the mother only makes her desperate to get inside, and she will definitely cause damage. You may also end up killing the babies if the mother cannot nurse her offspring. A professional wildlife removal service will relocate the animals and help you seal cracks and holes.

5. Lack of Proper Tools and Equipment – Effective wildlife removal requires the use of proper tools and equipment. Buying traps and other hardware store “fixes” can be a waste of money. Knowledge and training is necessary to catch these critters; otherwise, you’re wasting your efforts.


Why DIY Wildlife Removal is a Bad Idea


Call a licensed wildlife removal to efficiently handle the job. Call Liddle Rascals at (416) 356-5886 or send us an email to solve wildlife problems on your property. With years of experience, we can help keep your property safe for yourself and your family.

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